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Scott's Rx Viagra and Sildenafil Pricing

Viagra 100mg 10ct Sildenafil 100mg 10ct Savings
$700 $50 $650!!!

Generic Viagra this inexpensive sounds too good to be true! The FDA approved generic for Viagra was at one time 80% of the cost of the brand. This is because one drug company had a 6 month exclusive to make the sole generic of Viagra. Now that the 6 month exclusive is over, more than one drug company is making an FDA approved generic. The competition amongst these drug companies causes the price to plummet benefitting you, the consumer.

Sildenafil is only available by prescription. Request your provider to send us a precription or easier yet, contact us and we'll get in touch with your provider. You can also use the secure contact form below:

Sildenafil Prescription Request

Leave this empty:
*Please include your provider's name and phone number. Also include your date of birth as most providers require this information from a requesting pharmacy.
$0 copay on most generics.
5 out of 5 Stars Medicare Advantage Plan.
Scott's Rx proudly accepts Tricare.
A plan for retired military.
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