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Mission Statement: Safety First
At Scott's Rx our primary concern is safely filling prescriptions. Making sure you are getting the correct medication is only the tip of the iceburg. You must also be concerned about the appropriateness of therapy, potential drug interactions, and even the cost of the medication. If you are unable to afford your medication, then you will not take it properly. You will also need to know potential side effects of your medication and any precautions you must observe. If you take a lot of medicines, then once a year you should have a "brown bag" session. This is an event where you load all your medicines as well as over the counter products, vitamins, and herbs into a brown bag and bring them to our pharmacy so together we can review your medications, update your profile, and address your concerns. Below are elements of our business model that make it possible for us to deliver on our mission statement!

Our low volume business model ensures there is plenty of time to fill a prescription. Most chains fill as many scripts as possible using as little staff as possible. Would you feel more comfortable at a pharmacy that is pumping a script out every 45 seconds to maximize profit or one that can spend up to 20 minutes if neccesary on your prescription? A high volume understaffed store is a recipe for disaster. It's too easy to overlook significant interactions as well as make errors when there isn't enough time to fill a prescription properly.
Cutting Edge Technology
State of the art prescription processing software and a modern point of sale system help reduce errors by a scanning process that makes sure the right drug is going into the right bottle. Drug/drug and drug/disease interactions can be picked up as well as therapeutic duplications.
Qualified Personnel
The best technology and time to fill prescriptions properly goes into the wind if there isn't competent highly trained personnel to utilize these advantages.
Supply Chain
Scott's RX only uses VAWD certified wholesalers that follow Florida's strict pedigree laws. This ensures that you will not receive counterfeit or tainted products. All drugs will have pedigree. This means their trail can be traced from the pharmacy back to the drug manufacturer.